Wednesday Evening Time Trial Course Q10/38

10 Miles. Meet in layby (North Easterly direction) on Singleton bypass. Start on A28 at tarmac field entrance, 200 yards south west of bridge over Great Chart bypass. Proceed south west on A28, to turn Left (2.82 miles) via Brissenden to Shirkoak crossroads (5.30 miles). At 'T' junction turn Left into Shadoxhurst Road (5.83 miles) to Stubbs Cross. At 'T' junction (9.11 miles) turn Left into Magpie Hall Lane and Finish at footpath sign 200 yards south east of signpost to Chilmington Green. (10 miles).


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Hamstreet - Ashford - Hamstreet Course Q10/1


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Ivychurch circuit Q10/8

10 miles. Start in Norwood Lane approx 0.4 mile north of St. Mary in the Marsh (approx 20 yards south of gate into field and 200 yards north of footpath sign on western side of road). Proceed southwards to junction 0.4 miles. Left and straight through St. Mary in the Marsh to junction with New Romney to Newchurch Road (1.5 miles). Turn Left then continue to Newchurch where Left at Newchurch Lane (B2070). (3.93 miles). Continue to 'T' junction (6.82 miles) where Left to Ivychurch junction (immediately after bridge over stream) (8.55 miles) where Left to Finish approx 200 yards past Honeychild Manor Farm and approx 150 yards before junction with start under double wires on poles over road.


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Charing - Ashford - Charing Q10/2

Start on A20 at Westwell Leacon at second marker post west of the entrance to Summerlands and some 120 yards west of the Rainbow Chinese Restaurant (GP 96054795). Proceed to Charing RAB (junction A20 / A252) (1.354 miles). Encircle RAB and retrace to Orchard Heights RAB, circle RAB (6.200 miles). Turn and retrace on A20 past start, to Finish east of Crematorium entrance at the eastern end of the lodge fence, some 30 yards west of PP11. (10 miles).


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Bethersden - Ashford - Bethersden Q10/10

Start in Bull Lane, Bethersden, approximately 1200 yards west of A28 at hinge post opposite Honeyfield Wood (TQ914398). Proceed to A28 to Singleton roundabout (5.4 miles). Retrace A28 to Finish at stile at Bethersden cricket ground (TQ926399)


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A20. Harrietsham (Marley) - Charing - Harrietsham Q10/22

Start at Dickley Corner, Harrietsham at 18th kerb joint east of Marley entrance nearest to A20 (TQ886528). Join A20 and proceed eastwards to turn at Charing RAB. Retrace on A20 to Finish adjacent to Harrietsham Caravan Sales after Harrietsham railway bridge at 11th kerb joint west of lamp post KAMB27. (TQ870526)


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Hawthorn Corner, Reculver - Monkton Q10/30

Start at Hawthorn Corner (A299) at eastern end of first drain in May Street just before entrance Southern Water Services Depot. (TR 208673) Proceed via service road to join A299, continue on A299 to St Nicholas at Wade RAB, take 3rd exit to Monkton RAB (5.472 miles). Turn and retrace on A.299 to Finish west of the Roman Galley PH on slip road to Chislet 4 yards before last lamp post FUFV010 before turning left on slip road (TR 225676).


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Leigh Green - Woodchurch Q10/33

Start just off B2080 (TQ 901330) at Leigh Green by tree in minor lane on north side of grass triangle by B2080, in line with 'Tenterden' sign on south side of B2080. Proceed to Appledore (4.352 miles) where Left (M) (care) to Woodchurch. Straight ahead at the junction with the B.2067 (M) (7.294 miles) to Finish by PP7, first power pole past junction junction to Finchden Manor.


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Ham Street – Brenzett – Cloverleaf – Brenzett – Johnsons Corner  Q25/3

Start approximately 40 metres from the centre of the canal bridge going towards Johnson’s corner. Proceed to Johnsons Corner to join A.2070. (0.31 mile). Turn left (M) towards Brenzett RAB, take 4th exit to turn (3.65 miles) (M)     Follow A2070 travelling through Bridgefield RAB to Cloverleaf RAB (12.68 miles).   Take 4th exit to turn (M).     Retrace to Brenzett take 4th exit to turn to (21.71 miles)     Finish on the A2070 12 metres north of lamp post No UAT 005 at north end of layby approx 100 metres south of Johnsons Corner.     25 miles.


Molash - Chartham - Ashford - Chilham Q25/8

Start on A252 east of Molash at corner post of Northdown House at entrance to Shottenden Lane. (TR 032521). Proceed east on A252 and A28 to Milton Manor RAB Thannington (6.726 miles) (M). Turn and retrace A28, via Chilham Fork (M) where bear (EXTREME CARE) Left to Spearpoint Corner RAB (17.126 miles) (M). Retrace to Chilham Fork (M) where Left to rejoin A252. Proceed westward to Finish approximately 290 yards past Chilham Castle Keep entrance (TQ063534).


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St Nicholas at Wade - A299 - Broomfield Q25/10

Start at public bridle way sign on A.28 approx 400 yards SW of St. Nicholas at Wade sign (TR 264658). Continue along A.28 to St. Nicholas roundabout turn Left onto Thanet Way westbound. Continue to Broomfield interchange, turn Left and over bridge to rejoin Thanet Way eastbound. Leave main road at next slip road (SP Hillboro, Reculver, Hoath and Chislet) and continue past 'T' junction along slip road to rejoin Thanet Way eastbound. Continue to St. Nicholas roundabout where turn Left into Potten Street Road. Continue west along Potten Street Road, taking 2nd Left turning over the bridge SP St Nicholas (12.9 miles), and take the 1st Left into Wantsum Way to join Thanet Way westbound. Proceed as on 1st circuit to return to St. Nicholas roundabout turning Left into Potten Street Road as above. Continue west along Potten Street Road, taking the 2nd turning over the bridge (SP St Nicholas) and take the 1st Left into Wantsum Way to Finish at centre of 2nd drain past the entrance to St. Nicholas Court Farms (TR 262671)


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Brookland - Hamstreet - Cloverleaf - Brenzett Q25/12

Start at Old Romney at junction of A259 and minor road from Lydd (TR031252). Proceed to Brenzett RAB junction of A259 / A2070 / B2080 (Little Chef) Left to Brookland RAB. Turn and proceed via Brenzett RAB (Little Chef) take 2nd exit onto A.2070 to Cloverleaf RAB (13.441 miles) Turn and retrace to Brenzett RAB, (Little Chef) Left on A.259 to Finish ¾ mile after Old Romney crossroads at eastern end of double field gateway approx 350 yards short of power lines. (TR041249).


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