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Welcome to Ashford Wheelers Cycling Club.

We are a cycling club based in Ashford, Kent in the south of England, with a history that stretches back over 100 years. If you are interested in taking part in cycle sport and live around Ashford, you need to join our club.

What we do:

We race Time Trials

We run a series of 10 mile time trials on Wednesday evenings throughout the summer months. These are open to members of other clubs and newcomers as well. Club members also compete in open time trial events, and other local club events.

We ride

Every Sunday morning we meet at 8.00am (Summer) 9.00am (Winter) for a circular ride of about 50 miles in the local area. This is a moderate to fast paced ride on a "turn up and go" basis. Please check with club members for summer/winter change over dates.

We road race

Club members take part in road racing events in the South East, which are held on roads or closed circuits.

We MTB race

Club members take part in mountain bike racing on an occasional basis, although we do not organise MTB rides.

We ride Sportives, reliability trials and Audax events

We take part individually, or as a club, in local cycling events.

We take part in track racing sessions.

Members have, in the past, been involved in track racing meetings at Herne Hill velodrome.

We train

During the winter months we organise turbo/roller sessions during the dark evenings.

Have a look at our calendar or contact us, and come along to our next event.